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"The term "Granola Girl" is a colloquialism often used to describe a certain type of person, typically a woman, who embraces a natural and holistic lifestyle. The term is derived from the association of granola with health-conscious and environmentally friendly choices. A granola girl is often characterized by her preference for organic and whole foods, an interest in alternative medicine and holistic healing practices, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. She may prioritize activities such as yoga, meditation, hiking, and participating in outdoor activities. This term is often used in a lighthearted or affectionate way to describe someone who embodies these qualities."




Granola Girl is proudly made in Vancouver Since 2011. Our granola has been perfected to be a wholesome and delicious cereal that is not too sweet and has a softer chewy texture.  Also, Granola Girl is certified NUT Free and Gluten-Free. In Canada, standards are high when it comes to taste and quality and we are proud that Granola Girl achieves both!


Granola Girl is enjoyed by everyone. It's a quick easy breakfast if you add it to yogurt with fresh fruit or berries. Kids can also make their own granola and yogurt parfaits as healthy after-school snacks.  


GG is a vegan product - we do not use any honey. Instead, we use organic cane sugar and maple syrup. So, if you are vegan, you can enjoy GG with almond milk or coconut yogurt and other non-dairy options. 


We are also proud of the strong and loyal community we have built locally

here in Vancouver and continue to build Canada-wide.


The Original Mix is a clean and neutral flavour with Goji Berries, cranberries, hemp hearts and organic pumpkin seeds. it is delicious as a yogurt parfait layered with fresh fruit and berries or used as a smoothie bowl topping. Some people eat it right out of the bag. With the Original Mix, the flavour combinations are endless. It is gluten-free snacking at its best.


Last year, We launched a new flavour called the Sunshine Mix - which is tastes like peanut butter and chocolate and still nut-free using sunflower butter. Our second flavour Is has a soft texture and GF certifications and of course, vegan and nut-free. The flavours are further enhanced with other beneficial ingredients such as sesame and chia seeds.


Having a second SKU will add to the success of the Original Mix, giving our loyal customers more variety, while still having healthier options for afternoon, evening, or post-workout snacks.


“Granola Girl ingredients are uniquely Canadian!” says Founder April Bellia, “In addition to our gluten-free oats from Manitoba, we use Quebec Maple Syrup as a sweetener and local BC Cranberries and Canadian Hemp Seed for texture and

nutrition without adding excess sugar. We are Canadian to the core!” It’s these types of high standards that have customers hooked on the clean

and vibrant taste of Granola Girl Granola.

Taste, Texture and Canadian Values Granola Girl started in Vancouver, where people have extremely high expectations for natural cereals. “Granola Girl is delicious and easy to eat with a softer texture to enjoy for breakfast,” says Bellia, “We are also proud of the strong and loyal community we have built locally here in Vancouver and continue to build Canada-wide.”

In September 2020, Granola Girl was sold to Candiz Group

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